SPECIALITIES Aluminum paste


This product is coated with aluminum powder.
It has metallic touch and its matte texture after bing printed on makes this product different from aluminum foil paper.
It comes in various thicknesses and is used for packaging, posters, etc,. We offer environmentally-friendly papers as well.


Photo Product Name g/㎡ Ream Weight
Base Paper Width
(Working Width) × Flow
Sheets per package
Finish Bagasse FSC
No.1620-FS 315 27 79(78)×109 100
Aluminum Paste, Silver
315 19.5 65(64)×95 100
No.1621 315 27 79(78)×109 100
Aluminum Paste, Gold
- -
★ New Product
    Please contact our sales staff for different thickes, dimensions, etc.

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