Removal of chimneys and environmental protection

For the clean air and beautiful view of Mt. Fuji -Chimney Removal-

As an urban factory that is conscious of environmental issues, we realized a smokeless factory.
In November 2002, we removed a 75m-tall chimney that was not being used, in response to the specification of chimney removal model workplace assigned by Fuji City.

Although the red-and-white chimney was referred to as the symbol of paper manufacturing company, by dismantling it we could contribute to regaining the breathtaking view of Mt.Fuji.

「Industrial waste management initiatives」

In 2012, we obtained a permission of industrial waste disposal businesses for a waste disposal facility that specializes in “paper sludge.” By properly disposing of wastes not only from our own company, but also from our competitor companies, we contribute to reducing the damages to the environment. In addition, our treatment facility is properly maintained in accordance with the legal provisions that specify the handling and cleaning of industrial wastes.

Acquired ISO 14001 certification

Acquired ISO 14001 certification

We acquired ISO 14001 certification in May, 2002. To establish an environmental management system that is conscious of preserving the global environment, we have begun to expand the lifestyle of the 3Rs, reduction, reuse, and recycle. As a responsible manufacturing company of the 21st century, we aim to achieve zero emission.

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