ISO certification acquisition

ISO / International Organization for Standardization

ISO 14001

Environmental management system. It is to identify and control environmental impact and constantly improve environmental performance.

We have established and are currently operating a system which combines the ISO14001 and our own quality management system.
We confirm that the current situation and the contents of the operational system are being properly handled by both internal auditing by our employees as well as external auditing by an examining authority.

Purpose (merit) of the ISO management system

1) Vector alignment (integration of policy and ideas)

Establishment of an integrated policy.... Integrated policy card
*Company organization is working together towards the same goals and objectives

(2) Cost reduction (improvement of profitability and efficiency)

1) Reducing mistakes and loss
2) Goal management (planning → implementation → analysis → re-planning)
*Promote cost reduction through goal management

(3) Risk management

1) Cause analysis of and countermeasures against nonconforming products
2) Quality control (set standards and manage production): prevention of nonconforming products
3) Environmental pollution prevention
4) Emergency response
*Create a mechanism and conduct training to prevent anything from happening that may be disadvantageous to the company or harmful to the environment.

Integration policy

Management philosophy

Be proud to be a top brand manufacturer of paper
Find a way to efficiently provide our customers with quality services at a reasonable price and contribute to the global market.

 (1) Enterprising spirit
 (2) Independent spirit
 (3) Market supremacy
 (4) A small lot, a variety of products, and a short delivery time

Environmental slogan


“Keep Earth Clean for the Future”

as our slogan, we show the company’s efforts to conserve the environment in all aspects of company activities.

Integration policy

We are always thoroughly imbued with the spirit of the market and promoting the following principles:

  1. Customer satisfaction
  2. Quality control
  3. Technology development
  4. Environmental conservation