O’Venus Dull


O’Venus is a premium brand of which bright white color exceeds Hi-McKinley.
O’Venus is a super art paper endowed with an ultra bright white color, super gloss, and high printability, and it posses both the smoothness and refinement like Venus’s skin. The smoothness and elegance of O'venus enhance your design works.
O’Venus is suitable for printing such as catalogs, posters, calendars, postcards, photo collections, art publishing, etc. in which you are particularly concerned about whiteness.


Photo Product Name g/㎡ 788x1091mm 636 × 939mm
Sheets per package
Ream Weight (Kg) Long grain Short grain Ream Weight (Kg) Long grain Short grain
Dull 127.9 110 - 76.5 200 This is an ultra gloss, ultra bright white, super art paper.
157 135 - 93.5 200
186 160 - 111 125
209.4 180 - 125 100
256 220 - 153 100


Catalog, Poster, Calendar, PostCard, Photographs, Art Publications

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