Kirifuda Kirifuda


Kirifuda is designed for playing cards and trading cards. There are bright white dull, gloss, dull, and holographic paper varieties, and suitable for wide range of uses from chic to gorgeous design.


・All items are made-to-order. (We may have some products in stock.)
・For bright white dull paper, gloss paper, or dull paper, we can produce up to 260g/m2 - 330g/m2.
・For the standards of holographic and special papers, please contact our sales staff.
・The middle layer is colored to prevent transparency.
・The colo of the middle layer can be any color including blue or gray.


Standing inventory

Photo Brand Name g/㎡ L size (800 x 1100mm) Long grain Note
Kirifuda Gloss, Blue Center 270 23.5 Blue middle layer to prevent transparency to the light.


Produced on order item

Photo Brand Name g/㎡ Features
Super White Dull 260~330
Colored middle layer to prevent transparency to the light.
Dull finish, hologram, and aluminum lamination available.
This product is made to order.
Hyper Space
1/4 Square Mosaic
Silk Emboss


Playing cards, Trading Cards, etc.

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